New Concert Report for Tesla!
2/24/2018 by Frank Hill

Jacksonville, Florida has a long, rich history of musical culture. It is the birthplace of Southern Rock, cultivating and growing a thriving genre punctuated by it's homegrown sons and daughters--Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, .38 Special and Molly Hatchet.

The Florida Theatre embraces that culture, shining the limelight on the arts since it's conception in 1927. It's this bay-front styled culture, often referred to as "The Elbow", that sparks Jacksonville's night life, providing sound and stage for a number of headline acts including platinum selling artist Tesla.

Read Eric COmpton's full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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The Chainsaw Inner Rage of Emotion
Sevendust Morbid Angel
Stryper Attacker
Hypocrisy Whitesnake
Slayer Project: Failing Flesh
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Fear Factory Node
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The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Havochate
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