New Column "The Unknown Zone": Black Sabbath's Deep Cuts
5/4/2018 by Frank Hill

Many metalheads are a bit shaky on what happened with the mighty band throughout the last 30 years, so we went a little deeper into the Sabbath catalog and pulled out our favorite tracks, with the extra caveat--no songs by Ozzy or Dio.

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White Skull Carpathian Forest
Deranged Symphorce
Helloween Seether
Power of Omens Carnal Forge
Vyndykator Ion Vein
Evolution Nicta
Saint Biomechanical
Godiva Steel Preacher
Tad Morose Halloween
Dew Scented Three Inches of Blood
Shiva Silver Mountain
Gothic Knights Epica
Amityville Whore David Shankle Group
Velvet Revolver Judas Priest
Estuary House of Lords
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Joe Lynn Turner
Metal Church Shadows Fall
Dio Potential Threat SF
Tearabyte Lullacry
Nashville Pussy Annihilator
Age Of Silence Jungle Rot
Jamie. St. James Mine
Conquestador Haunted By Angels
Tsjuder Creed
Azrael's Bane Cradle To Grave
Gods Of Fire Divine Fire
Maze Of Torment Dirt
Seige of Hate Hibria
Yyrkoon Carina Alfie
Darkthrone Samael
Argument Soul Kaamos
God Fear None Chastain
Thunderblast Neil Turbin
Ignitor Shade Empire
Hatesphere Blind Stare
Rudra Astarte
Manntis Maximum Overdrive
Dark Funeral Kult ov Azazel
Horna Ritual Killer
Cannon Fates Warning
Resurrecturis Morgana Lefay
Blitzkrieg Illuminatus
Russell Allen Evergrey
Violent Storm ASG
Overloaded Bolt Thrower
The Absence Phantom X
Thrones Spellbound
Dreamland Overmars
Wolfmother Urizen
Celebratum Zero Down
Gorefest Brother Hawk
Fallen Wisdom Thryfing
Blackmore's Night Steep
Boris Event Horizon
Viron The Smackdown
The Smashup Ampast
Vreid Ensoph
Dawn of Azazel War Within
Time Requiem Ynis Vitrin
Shadows Within Burialmound
I Skyforger
The Ruins of Beverast Setherial
Battle Bratt Amputated
Zoroaster Twinball
Biolich Lupara
Venom The Showdown
Darkness Eternal Starkweather
Kotipelto Lecherous Nocturne
Steve Cone Centinex
Phazm The Gathering
Hardcore Superstar Trouble
Pantera Textures
Spit Like This Katrina Johansson
Rob Zombie Since the Day
Denial Fiend Trenchfoot
Lipstick Magazine Funeral
Fight Spheric Universe Experience
Pathology Cockpit
40 Below Summer Deceiver
Demonic Symphony Pop Evil
Vulture Industries Kreator
Moonshine The Lamp of Thoth
Alestorm Place Of Skulls
UFOmammut Faded Hope
Sotajumala Dark Castle