New Column "Playlists 101": 10 Songs that Make Me Want to Drive Fast
6/1/2018 by Frank Hill

"It's no secret that metal is fast, loud and adrenaline producing music. I'm sure all of us have been behind the wheel at some point or another blasting our latest purchase, only to look up and see those flashing red and blue lights behind us or noticing that our mph has just crept up over 100. That being said, I compiled a list of personal songs that I could easily break the speed barrier to." --Greg Watson

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Vehemence Chaingunn
Kalibas Solace
Helloween Godflesh
Advent Fozzy
Lamb of God Manowar
Angel Dust Powergod
Carnal Forge Johnny Lokke
Circle of Nero Ion Vein
Saint SelfInflicted
Inner Rage of Emotion Biomechanical
Fireball Ministry Morbid Angel
Rage Sludge!
Attacker Krisiun
Lacuna Coil Brides of Destruction
Iron Savior Royal Anguish
Construcdead Jaw
Bang The Union UFO
Messiah's Kiss Wolf
Metalium Lonewolf
Iron Angel Black Zodiac
Spiral Madness Fabrizio Bonanno
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Devil In The Kitchen
Krokus Goatsnake
Joey Belladonna Vox Tempus
Wintersun Otep
GWAR The Project Hate
Incantation Hanzel Und Gretyl
Behemoth Creed
John Oliva's Pain Legion
Of Infinity Scenteria
Crionics Requiem Aeternam
Soilwork Tarot
Heartcry Hellfire
Angtoria Backyard Babies
Wolverine Crimson Moonlight
Severe Torture Pure Inc
Magica Kryoburn
Kinrick Operatika
Gizmachi Pro-Pain
Green Carnation Manntis
Python Sothis
Naglfar Unchained
Unshine Kult ov Azazel
Dynamic Lights Nuse
Sebastian Bach Dam
Fates Warning Love Forsaken
To The Bone Mercyful Fate
Redemption Armored Saint
Winterfell ASG
Sun O))) Mabon
Algol3 Paths Of Possession
Ram-Zet Vile
Chain Collector Midnight Idols
Nocturnal Rites Machina
Vader From This Day
Firehouse Cryptopsy
Degree Absolute Elvenking
Hate Profile The Strongest Proof
Sun Descends Ensoph
Royal Hunt Gorgoroth
Unsilent Phenomenon Shadows Within
I Wednesday 13
Teeth of the Hydra Eighteen Visions
Venom Quest of Aidance
Centinex Skullflower
Terry Sullivan Necrophobic
Crescent Shield Mendeed
Pantera Textures
Antigama Manes
Tears Denial Fiend
Warner Drive Retrospective
Glorior Belli Lipstick Magazine
Hearse Pathosray
Spheric Universe Experience Distorted
Rosetta Demonic Symphony
Burzum Intolerant
Celestia Alestorm
Deadsea Crown The Lost
Caliban Raven
Suspyre Dark Castle
Earthen Grave