New Column "Playlists 101": 10 Songs that Make Me Want to Drive Fast
6/1/2018 by Frank Hill

"It's no secret that metal is fast, loud and adrenaline producing music. I'm sure all of us have been behind the wheel at some point or another blasting our latest purchase, only to look up and see those flashing red and blue lights behind us or noticing that our mph has just crept up over 100. That being said, I compiled a list of personal songs that I could easily break the speed barrier to." --Greg Watson

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· Hate Eternal· Loudness
· Slipknot· Vehemence
· Tiamat· Exmortem
· Perzonal War· Regurgitate
· Narziß· Cradle of Filth
· December· Deranged
· Skullview· Kalibas
· Celestial Ode· Helloween
· Warhorse· Circle II Circle
· Seether· Mark Boals
· Steel Attack· Advent
· Rawhead Rexx· Firewind
· Evolution· Iced Earth
· Bloodbath· Kilfast
· Sludge!· Eidolon
· Mnemic· Vhaldemar
· Attacker· Defiled
· Out of the Lair· Tesla
· I Hate Sally· Black Stone Cherry
· Silver Mountain· Yngwie Malmsteen
· Celesty· Jaw
· Evanescence· Edge Of Forever
· Nova Lex· U.D.O.
· Iron Angel· Brutal Mastication
· Dimmu Borgir· Feinstein
· Krokus· Therion
· Joey Belladonna· Occult
· Age Of Silence· Slowlife
· Haunted By Angels· Silent Force
· The Last Act· Acheron
· Mirror of Deception· Cryme
· Rush· Tristania
· Dark Tranquillity· Feared Creation
· Code Black· Cradle To Grave
· Emerald Sun· Helgrind
· Entombed· Korpiklaani
· Seige of Hate· Tarot
· Hellfire· Desire Black
· Ravensthorn· Diecast
· Antares· Oathean
· Pure Inc· Axis Of Perdition
· Lord Gore· Swallow The Sun
· Thunderblast· Callenish Circle
· Impiety· Pro-Pain
· Biss· Groundcrew
· Blind Stare· Rudra
· Amorphis· God Among Insects
· Testament· Nuse
· Prowler Inc.· Morgana Lefay
· Edenbridge· Agents Of The Sun
· Blitzkrieg· Warchild
· To The Bone· Third Degree
· Shattersphere· Vinterriket
· Damnation· Spellbound
· Vile· Urizen
· Zero Down· Poison
· Codeon· Fields Of The Nephilim
· Tris Katone· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· Pyramaze· Athanator
· Down Factor· Speed/Kill/Hate
· Before Silence· Vengeance
· Skid Row· Woodtemple
· Death Breath· The Finals
· Wastefall· Zoroaster
· Isis· Lupara
· E-lane· Quest of Aidance
· Stonegard· Threat Signal
· Mindgrinder· The Chronicles of Israfel
· Crescent Shield· Almah
· Trouble· Pantera
· Divine Empire· Katrina Johansson
· Rob Zombie· Aborted
· Fight· Hell N' Diesel
· Mongrel· Distorted
· Alkemyst· Father Befouled
· Puscifer· Equilibrium
· Virgin Black· The Lamp of Thoth
· Cursed· Ihsahn
· Nasty Idols· Battleroar
· Crown The Lost· Uli Jon Roth