New "Playlists 101": 10 Songs about UFOs, Aliens and Men in Black
6/22/2018 by Frank Hill

Heavy metal has always possessed a penchant for supernatural, science-fiction and fringe science. 1947's supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico set off a hotbed of sightings, interest and panic across the country. Over the years, NASA has discovered the real possibilities of historic life on Mars and continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to reach far galaxies outside of our own. Pop culture has provided plenty of visual media in film and television, but music--especially heavy metal--has its own share of extraterrestrial fascination.

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· Cave In· In Flames
· The Kovenant· LA Guns
· Racer X· Slipknot
· BloodDuster· Immolation
· Solemnity· Narziß
· Cradle of Filth· Deranged
· Machine Head· Kalibas
· Vaginal Carnage· Iron Maiden
· Widowmaker· Ravage
· Manowar· Cage
· Pelican· Byfist
· Supervillain· Shakra
· Saint· Paragon
· Sevendust· The Graveyard Boulevard
· Victory· Beautiful Creatures
· Savatage· Thunderstone
· Pharaoh· Primal Fear
· DevilDriver· Probot
· Deivos· Doro
· Royal Anguish· Hard Echo
· Devil To Pay· Celesty
· Ebony Ark· Freakhouse
· Nova Lex· Velvet Revolver
· U.D.O.· Iron Angel
· Ministry· Destructor
· Chapter VIII· Ungodly
· Meliah Rage· Skeletonwitch
· Otep· Age Of Silence
· Z02· Necrodemon
· Neurosis· Six Feet Under
· Incantation· The Last Act
· Mirror of Deception· Behemoth
· Tsjuder· Betrayer
· Sonata Arctica· John Oliva's Pain
· Azrael's Bane· Scenteria
· Cradle To Grave· The Mighty Nimbus
· Soilwork· Hellfire
· Icarus Witch· John Sykes
· Darkthrone· Samael
· Marduk· Alex Skolnick Trio
· Boomerang· Bleed The Sky
· Bruce Dickinson· Fire Alley
· Kryoburn· System Of A Down
· Callenish Circle· Fastkill
· Shade Empire· Green Carnation
· Disbelief· Blind Stare
· Agents Of Man· Naglfar
· Maximum Overdrive· Taake
· Thor· Agents Of The Sun
· The Scourger· Loits
· The Atomic Bitchwax· Eternal Reign
· Penetrator· Algol3
· Thrones· Dreamland
· Torture Killer· Motorhead
· Vader· Insense
· Fallen Wisdom· Silver Dirt
· Vreid· Nicodemus
· The Sword· The Furor
· TK-421· Spawn of Possession
· Dendura· Psycroptic
· Fleshgore· Setherial
· Myon· Wastefall
· Semargl· Panzerchrist
· Cheva· Centinex
· The Gathering· Stonegard
· Threat Signal· Throne of Katarsis
· Almah· Passion
· The Prophecy· Spit Like This
· Katrina Johansson· Nominon
· Since the Day· Blut Aus Nord
· JR Ewing· Randy Ellefson
· Sworn Enemy· Himsa
· Depressed Mode· Cauldron
· Mass Extinction· Cockpit
· 40 Below Summer· Rosetta
· Mortiis· Witchfinder General
· Blood Haven· Hacksaw Surgery
· Equilibrium· Intolerant
· Bullet For My Valentine· Medieval Steel
· The More I See· Place Of Skulls
· Faded Hope· Crown The Lost
· Raven· Suffocation