New "Playlists 101": 10 Songs about UFOs, Aliens and Men in Black
6/22/2018 by Frank Hill

Heavy metal has always possessed a penchant for supernatural, science-fiction and fringe science. 1947's supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico set off a hotbed of sightings, interest and panic across the country. Over the years, NASA has discovered the real possibilities of historic life on Mars and continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to reach far galaxies outside of our own. Pop culture has provided plenty of visual media in film and television, but music--especially heavy metal--has its own share of extraterrestrial fascination.

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Hate Eternal Sinner
The Great Deceiver Children Of Bodom
Chaingunn Tiamat
Exmortem Cradle of Filth
Symphorce Kalibas
Seether Steel Attack
Rawhead Rexx Power of Omens
Carnal Forge Johnny Lokke
Pelican Evolution
Byfist Artension
Curriculum Mortis Victory
Beautiful Creatures Axenstar
Mnemic Attacker
Pink Cream 69 Primal Fear
Fraise Project: Failing Flesh
Asperity Body Count
Secret Sphere Soul Reaper
Dew Scented Shiva
I Hate Sally Black Stone Cherry
Cryonic Temple Construcdead
Ebony Ark Bang The Union
Graveland Amityville Whore
David Shankle Group Edge Of Forever
Nova Lex Velvet Revolver
U.D.O. Dragonspoon
Fabrizio Bonanno Mob Rules
Joey Belladonna Bonfire
Meliah Rage Skeletonwitch
Images of Eden Shadows Fall
Wintersun Dark Age
Chris Caffery Slowlife
Tartharia Throcult
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Negative Creeps Agnostic Front
Seventh One Avenue F
Creed Legion
Audiovision Crionics
Loudblast Shatterpoint
Yyrkoon Hellfire
Carina Alfie Chuck Schuldiner
Antares Marduk
Chaoswave Oathean
Alex Skolnick Trio Bleed The Sky
Meshuggah Debris Inc.
Gizmachi Sinisthra
Disbelief Defleshed
Blind Stare Astarte
Manntis Naglfar
Circus Maximus Leaves Eyes
Nightvision Devil Lee Rot
Havochate V:28
Eternal Reign Orphaned Land
Overloaded 1349
Forever Slave The Firstborn
Barcode Running Wild
Balatonizer Dechrist
Overmars Wolfmother
Torture Killer Dismember
End of Level Boss Sodom
Enforsaken Witchery
Katatonia Tandjent
Cardinale Thyrane
Hell-Born Clawfinger
Moonspell Vore
The Smackdown The Strongest Proof
Theater of Tragedy Azure
Destruction Paul Bonrud
Woodtemple Burialmound
Pump Belphegor
Battle Bratt Satyricon
Deicide Centinex
Skullflower In This Moment
Dezperadoz Marc Sasso
Almah Mendeed
Trouble Textures
Mithras David Galas
Faith And Fire Sworn Enemy
Keldian Averse Sefira
I Shalt Become Trivium
Pop Evil Last Stone Cast
Burzum Puscifer
Kreator Virgin Black
Intolerant Celestia
Cursed Papa Roach
Winterfylleth Uli Jon Roth