"Smell the Glove"--Our Staff Media Capture Challenge Game!
8/17/2018 by Frank Hill

One Saturday morning around this time last year, I received a text from fellow writer Eric Compton that he was issuing a full-blown metal/comics/wrestling, hybrid scavenger hunt/media capture game at me. He called it the "Smell the Glove Challenge" which comes from This is Spinal Tap, a movie which I consistently harass him to see.

The game consisted of 20 picture or video challenges worth 1 to 3 points for each competitor. Who would get a pic with a Brutus the Beefcake toy? Who could sleeveface a vinyl of Conway Twitty? Who would hug a construction worker? Who would ride a hockey stick while singing "The Trooper"?

Check out our challenge results here…[Full Column Link]

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