"The Unknown Zone": Voivod's Deep Cuts!
9/17/2018 by Frank Hill

Without a doubt, Voivod is one of the most strangely influential metal bands of all times. Helping to merge the punk and metal scenes in the early to mid 80's, Voivod set a new standard for obscure, yet relevant, thrash metal. With the upcoming release of their fourteenth studio album, 'The Wake', Maximum Metal is welcoming Voivod to the Unknown Zone to take a look at some of their least popular songs; songs that didn't quite make the "play list" but are hidden gems that may have been overlooked.

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Opeth Misery Index
Disturbed Grave Digger
Machine Head Kataklysm
Kalibas Helloween
Godsmack Warhorse
Seether Iron Maiden
Mortician Firewind
Abigor Powergod
Conquest Johnny Lokke
Pyn Siren H.I.M.
The Graveyard Boulevard Morbid Angel
Dream Weaver Crystal Eyes
Sinergy Axenstar
Silent Scythe Windseeker
Pink Cream 69 Murdercycle
Fraise Out of the Lair
Dew Scented Mother Misery
Three Inches of Blood TNA
Yngwie Malmsteen Gothic Knights
Jaw Evanescence
downBleed Kingcrow
Amityville Whore Low Earth Orbit
Jorn Zaius
House of Lords Destructor
Therion Goatsnake
Medusa Polterchrist
Jungle Rot Slowlife
Tartharia Blind Guardian
Creed Code Black
Paradise Lost Emerald Sun
The New Breed Blood Red Throne
Corrosion Of Conformity Crionics
Kamelot Labyrinth
Vicious Circle Tarot
Ravensthorn Argument Soul
Boomerang Pure Inc
Omegalord Axis Of Perdition
Fire Alley Callenish Circle
Sinisthra Raintime
Impiety Shade Empire
Ivory Knight Embraze
Sothis Maximum Overdrive
Ektomorf Goddess Of Desire
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Killing Spree
Power Quest Nightvision
Resurrecturis Impaled Nazarene
Havochate Loits
Armored Saint Dirty Americans
Overloaded Ignarus
Barcode Savage Circus
Ewigkeit Paths Of Possession
Ghost Machinery Phantom X
Damnation Doomfoxx
Infliction Skullshifter
Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
Zero Down The Tenth Circle
Dogs Of Winter Vanquished
Dismember Nocturnal Rites
End of Level Boss Early Man
Brother Hawk Witchery
Poison Cryptopsy
Phoenix Mourning Silver Dirt
The Smackdown Cavalar
Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
Destruction Dendura
Skid Row Skyforger
Pretty Maids Isis
Teeth of the Hydra Lesbian Bed Death
Lordi E-lane
Demise Celtic Frost
Fu Manchu With Passion
In This Moment Merciless Death
Incrave Cattle Decapitation
Almah White Wizzard
The Prophecy Hacride
Pentacle Katrina Johansson
Trenchfoot Glorior Belli
Ulcerate The Wonderfools
Hellveto Mass Extinction
Cockpit Blood Haven
Straight Line Stitch Armory
Medieval Steel Papa Roach
Something Beautiful Suspyre
Earthen Grave