New Concert Report--Unleash the Archers, Striker, Helion Prime, and Rapheumet's Well!
10/3/2018 by Frank Hill

On a slightly warm and muggy Tuesday night Sept 25th, when most people are expected at work the next morning, the venue sold out for a four-band bill of heavy metal consisting of two Canadian bands, one from California, and one from North Carolina. Standing outside waiting for the doors to open, we all perked up with anticipation when the soundcheck tests filtered through the walls.

Touring for their most recent album, 'Apex', headliners Unleash the Archers hit the stage to a white hot crowd that came together like an iron phalanx. Playing with a hybrid of traditional and power metal mixed with some melodic death vocalizing, the Archers opened with all guns blazing…

Read our full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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