Tribute to Deceased Drummer Dave "Scarface" Castillo
11/14/2018 by Frank Hill

Social media is one of the easiest ways in keeping in touch with basically anyone, anywhere and anytime. With that being said, nothing is more unreal and shocking than stumbling across the news that a friend for years has passed away unexpectedly during a random news feed scroll via facebook. I abruptly learned Dave "Scarface" (as he would later be nicknamed) Castillo is gone forever.

No matter how big the show or how trashy the dive was, Dave was always friendly and made an effort to get out to talk with people. Even though at times life would get in the way and years would pass by without making it to a show, Dave's face would always light up and shake your hand and give you however much time you wanted to talk about anything.

Check out Josh Greer's rememberance here…[Full Column Link]

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