"The Unknown Zone": Styx' Deep Cuts!
12/21/2018 by Frank Hill

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, there was a fair level of AOR hard rock that ruled the music scene. Styx in their glory years, mixed rock guitar from the James Young/Tommy Shaw side with musical theater from Dennis DeYoung. That tension between different styles made for songs a bit different than average, but also created pressures between the musicians. They had at least three concept albums and touched in prog rock during the band early years, later moving towards commercialism.

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Bathory In Flames
Leng Tch'e Loudness
The Great Deceiver The Haunted
Big Dumb Face Immolation
Cradle of Filth Goatwhore
December Symphorce
Solace Overkill
Queensryche Majesty
Fozzy Liege Lord
Masterplan Angel Dust
October 31 Brainstorm
The Chainsaw Agony Divine
Morbid Angel Crystal Eyes
Rob Rock Eidolon
Thunderstone Stalker
Attacker Iron Savior
Dew Scented Dreamaker
Neverland Force Of Evil
Death Angel Yngwie Malmsteen
Drowning Pool Bleeding Inc
W.A.S.P. Edge Of Forever
U.D.O. Ministry
Judas Priest Hatework
Spiral Madness Joe Stump
Devil In The Kitchen Joe Lynn Turner
Therion Insomnium
Joey Belladonna Lilitu
Psychotron Beaten Back To Pure
Otep Theocracy
Katagory V Annihilator
Valume Nob Necrodemon
Slowlife House of Shakira
GWAR Tartharia
Incantation Within Temptation
The Last Act Seventh One
Bloody Sign Helgrind
Veni Domine Astral Doors
Sabaton Samael
Crimson Moonlight Alex Skolnick Trio
Frantic Bleep Ignitor
Gizmachi Fastkill
Ivory Knight Manntis
Agents Of Man Mirador
Sothis Vicious Art
Slough Feg Horna
Gaia Cannon
Thor Fates Warning
Havochate Holy Blood
Iron Maidens Painmuseum
Pagan's Mind Russell Allen
Blood Thirsty Demons The Firstborn
Algol3 Arthemis
Balatonizer Mistress
Infliction Skullshifter
Bronx Casket Company Beecher
Taunusheim Insense
Sodom Enforsaken
Sepultura Powerglove
Nightmare Clawfinger
Warrant (Amer) Elvenking
Cataract Speed/Kill/Hate
Dawn of Azazel Bloodbound
Destruction Space Odyssey
Nachtmystium Paul Bonrud
Amon Amarth Scary Manilow
From the Grave Vicious Rumors
I Skyforger
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Abominant
Belphegor Isis
Biolich Lesbian Bed Death
E-lane Demise
Middian Deicide
Urkraft Lost Eden
Passion Denial Fiend
Ensiferum Hell N' Diesel
Heresi Night Ranger
Mass Extinction Pathology
Cockpit Ost Est Ima
Father Befouled The Obsessed
Equilibrium Battleroar
Crown The Lost