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In our Halloween edition, highlights include:

  • Interviews with horror author Matt Serafini and October 31/Deceased King Fowley.
  • A look back at the 1986 film "Trick or Treat"
  • Metal in the Movies - metal musicians in horror films
  • Metal Maidens - Halloween Edition!
  • Top 10 Horror Movie soundtrack songs
  • Road Report from Halloween Horror Nights 24 in Orlando, FL
  • Cool scary metal ads

And the Halloween 14
issue is also FREE!!!!!

Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet, the ghoul under your bed, and the six personalities in your head. Send a copy to all your online social fiends in the Phantasm Dimension, at the Miskatonic University, in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica!
MaxMetalMag - Vol 1 Iss Hall14

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MAXIMUM METAL was started online in 2003 by a few guys who just wanted a forum for communicating about hard rock and heavy metal and we have raised our metal claws for the style ever since. MAXIMUM METAL has been updated and modified for the metal community that has given, and still gives, so much to us. Now, after thousands of reviews, hundreds of interviews, dozens of columns, and a few humor pieces...


Maximum Metal magazine will basically contain recent postings from the website with added exclusive content.

In our first edition, highlights include:

  • Interviews with Watain, Ghost of War, Midnight Eternal, A Sound of Thunder, and Crystal Eyes.
  • Now & Then with Judas Priest and our under-rated JP songs
  • An exclusive column "Shrieks from the Hearse" by metal thrashing madman King Fowley
  • Metal Maidens from Canada!
  • Live concert pics from "Welcome to Rockville" and "Metalfest Loreley" in Germany
  • A feature on renowned metal producer Jacob Hansen
  • 15 pages of our Reviews and Summaries
  • A humorous "Tale of the Tape" on Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson
  • Cool metal ads (sorta, if you like 'em)

And Issue #1 is FREE!!!!!

So, from us to you the reader of issue #1, a big metal horns up and thanks from us. Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet, send a copy to your grandpappy Delbert and his horse in Arizona and all your online social friends in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. We know metal is everywhere and we wanna be there along with it.

You can read the first issue online here:
MaxMetalMag - Vol 1 Iss 1

And maybe easier here:
Scribd - MaxMetalMag -V1Iss1

Or view or download a PDF file version (35 megs), click or right click and choose to Save Link As:

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