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Maximum Metal is always looking to add some staff members to our little hobby website. Essentially we're looking for people who know Heavy Metal and have the motivation to write about it.

We like to add individuals who get excited about reviews, column creation and doing interviews with semi-known and relatively unknown bands whose members rock the weekend and bag groceries during the week. Some are the currently poor, yet future torch-bearers of metal just like Metallica and Guns 'N Roses used to be decades ago.

  • Maximum Metal was started as an outlet by 3 guys who wanted to communicate about metal and it's still largely that. We take in little to no money, but it gives us a chance to give back to the industry we've gotten so much from for 40 years. We could just sit at home and listen, but it's not always enough; something is in our bones to be more involved in the metal community and that's exactly what we've done for the last 12 years. Heavy Metal will always be an underground, non-mainstream form of media and we are part of the lifeblood that supports the art and helps it flourish.

  • Bands will get publicity. We get thousands of visitors from across the world looking at the site. Given the thousands of bands out there, lesser-know groups get a chance to get their name out. We enjoy discovering some great band who's playing to 29 people in a American/German/Brazillian/Japanese club and putting the word out to the rest of the world. Some bands we've covered in infancy have become bigger and it feels nice to be a part of that.

  • Being in MM lets you network. If you're happy writing the occasional review, that's fine. If you want to pursue bands to interview, you can. If you want to write columns, we have them. You can do with us as much as you think you can handle and it's all a contribution in some way to the bigger ocean of metal. Our staff is primarily self-motivated and you get out of it what you put into it.

  • Note that all styles are valid here. What we don't need are close-minded listeners who still argue that "nu metal sux" or women shouldn't be in metal. We don't need people who will only review the "good stuff". We don't need biased fanboys who think everything a band puts out is earth shattering. We don't need people with a store-bought digital camera who are looking for photo passes to shows. We don't need people who just want to join long enough to plug their 3 favorite garage-metal bands.

    Again, we're not looking for music professors, but you should have enough listening skills to know how to examine a genre, reveal any biases you may have and comment on it insightfully without personal malice toward the band. If interested, please send an email to news@maximummetal.com and expect to show your skills with something written about music.



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