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   Immolation - Atonement
Brutal assault with an early 90's DM influence!
   Orm - Orm
Black metal from Denmark with a nod to Ulver
   Rudra - Enemy of Duality
Promising backdrop that just doesn't deliver the goods
   Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead
Extremely heavy music that is just a little off the mark
   Evocation - The Shadow Archetype
Solid mix of old school and new school death metal for the masses
   Sloth Herder - No Pity, No Sunrise
Chaotic, complex metal with a menagerie of styles
   A Sun Traverse - A Sun Traverse
Atmospheric doom-death from Denmark
   Of The Sun - Before A Human Path
Part Pantera, Part Mastodon and a touch of everything else!
   Six Feet Under - Torment
A step in the right direction, but nowhere close to classic SFU
   Tim Bowness - Lost In The Ghost Light
Mellow, Pink Floyd-esque prog rock from No-Man vocalist
   Vastum - Carnal Law
Has the feel of the grave oozing from your speakers
   Jailbirds - Break the Silence
Youthful energy from these Irish-Australian hard rockers
   Dark Sarah - The Puzzle
Symphonic concept story delivered via an epic metal presentation
   Tyketto - Reach
Quality hard rock from this long-time New York band
   Crossbones - WWIII
Modern straight-laced aggro metal from Albania
   Black Anvil - As Was
Black Metal's new Dark Side Of The Moon album!
   Rising Steel - Return of the Warlord
French power metal that follows the formula a little too closely
   Sweet Lich - Never Satisfied
Traditional heavy metal from Sweden
   Vermilion Whiskey - Spirit of Tradition
Southern-fried stoner rock similar to Corrosion of Conformity
   Wolves Scream - Vestiges
Excellent metalcore in the vain of Architects (UK)
   Grave Plague - The Infected Crypts
Crusty death metal from Cleveland that is promising
   Torrefy - The Infinity Complex
Progressive thrash band that forges their own path...and deviates from it
   Necronomicon - Advent of the Human God
Symphonic death metal that lacks variation
   Devilskin - Be Like the River
Bouncy hard rock from New Zealand with some versatile vocals
   Noctem - Haeresis
Symphonic black metal that is what Dimmu Borgir wishes they were
   Bullcreek - Osschaert
Traditional death metal that follows the late 80's and early 90's formula
   Balfor - Black Sun Rising
Blackened Death from Ukraine
   Killing Addiction - Shores of Oblivion
Blackened Death metal from the swamps of Florida
   Faces of Cain - Along Corpse Roads
Strange doom/black hybrid
   Krokus - Big Rocks
Swiss rockers pay tribute to classic rock gems
   Embrio - Karmadoom
Aggressive groove metal from these Brazilian vets
   The Furor - Cavalries of the Occult
Blackened Thrash/Death from Down Under
   Dakhma - Suna Kulto
U.S. blend of black and post black metal that is superbly done
   Moloch - Verwüstung
One man black metal outfit that delivers powerful material
   Thrawsunblat - Metachthonia
Canadian blackened folk metal that delivers
   Aborted Fetus - The Art of Violent Torture
Russian death metal that is slightly predictable
   Impalers - Styx Demon
Raw and fast-tempo thrash metal from Denmark
   Mercyless - Pathetic Divinity
Old school death metal that rips

Note: Reviews are graded from 0-5, anything higher or not showing is from our old style. Scores alone, however, do not reveal the important features. It can be quite daunting to take something that is abstract and emotional and often just a listener's primal feelings and distill that into proper language and words. Reviewing is opinionated, not a qualitative science, so scores are personal to the reviewer and could reflect anything from being technically brilliant to gloriously cheesy fun. At the least, you'll know the music exists which is important with so much out there. Demos and independent releases get some slack since the bands are often spent broke supporting themselves and trying to improve. Major releases usually have big financial backing, so they may be judged by a heavier hand. All scores can be eventually adjusted up or down by comparison of subsequent releases by the same band. We attempt to keep biases out of reviews and be advocates of the consumer without the undo influence of any band, label, management, promoter, etc. Ultimately, the best way to determine how much you may like certain music is to listen to it yourself. 5: Excellent, 4-4.5:Great, 3.5: Good, 2-2.5: Fair, 1-1.5: Bad, 0: Terrible