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C U R R E N T . R E V I E W S

Of Erthe and Axen: Act II
Masters of musical story telling
Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Veteran returns to the fold with a bit of a minimalistic roar
An aural journey that you won't want to miss
Pink Mass
An amalgamation that is a buffet of brutality and a blast to listen to
A misdirection for the band and a failed pop experiment
Various Artists
British Steel: The Rising Force of British Heavy Metal
Label compilation of presentations of new wave of traditional heavy metal
Seventh Genocide
Toward Akina
Experimental Black Metal that is trippy and quite engrossing
Arch Enemy
Will to Power
Against the grain rebellion finely tuned by seasoned veterans
A triumphant release by one of the pioneers of avant garde black metal
Doom Side Of The Moon
Doom Side Of The Moon
Remake of the Dark Side Of The Moon album that is full of surprises!
Throne of Heresy
Concept album that is just expertly executed and rich with content
Sheds some metal of previous efforts but still is a prog rock masterpiece
Where Hatred Dwells & Darkness Reigns
A truly immersive symphonic metal experience
The Haunted
Strength in Numbers
Unified rebellion with melody and lyrical substance
Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)
Beautifully dark experimental ambient black metal
A soundtrack for the apocalypse
Corey Taylor
America 51
Call it Corey Taylor's State of the Union Address
King Fowley
Stay Ugly
The gruesome tale of do it yourself Heavy Metal 101 in the early 80's
Mr. Big
Defying Gravity
Bands like Mr. Big seem to just get better and better with age
Zero Days
Quality crossover thrash and groove metal from these veteran New Yorkers
Quiet Riot
Road Rage
Triumphant, rousing return that sees the band youthful and energetic
Of Erthe and Axen: Act 1
A masterful piece of storytelling interwoven with epic music
No Grave But The Sea
The captains of pirate metal set sail with their 5th full length album!
Wildflowers: Summer
Another magnificent outpouring of incredible music from Nhor
In This Moment
Daring and provocative while lyrically bridging modern rock and pop
Diablo Blvd
Zero Hour
Melodic, haunting and unique
Still brimming with ultra-heavy distortion on mechanical riffs and beats
Classic hard rock style from these British newcomers
Kickin Valentina
Imaginary Creatures
Comparisons to the Sunset Strip acts of the 80s
Wrath of the Reaper
Quality return to the band's 80s traditional sound
Lust for Wonder
Mixture of traditional, gothic and power metal elements
Broken Hope
Mutilated and Assimilated
Gore metal legends are back with their 7th grotesque offering
The Undivided Wholeness of All Things
Death metal that sounds as though it were recorded inside a bog
Jag Panzer
The Deviant Chord
The album suffers from busy drums that seems to confine the sound
Act of Defiance
Old Scars, New Wounds
Much better than the debut and touches on thrash and melodic heavy
Cleverly defined, precise thrash metal band that rivals underground sensations
Alter Bridge
Live at the O2 Arena
Live full set from O2 Arena in England plus ten rare tracks
Roll for Initiative
A wide array of sounds ranging from 70s rock, heavy metal, doom and hardcore
Cosmic Reawakening
Lovecraftian influenced metal that lends promise to the band's future
The Saw Is Family
Riff-heavy death thrash that saws its way through some serious metal
Bay Area Progressive Tech Death that is heavy and innovative
Buried Realm
The Ichor Carcinoma
One man death metal that feels a bit over the top
With All Their Might
Riff-driven, groove-laden and meaty metal morsels for your delectation
Astaroth Incarnate
Omnipotence: The Infinite Darkness
Extreme metal that suffers a little in the production department
Every Mother's Nightmare
Bass heavy, funky, enjoyable…just not heavy
Arisen from Nothing
Bouncy modern metal out of Seattle
Eyes Wide Open
And So It Begins
Heavily influenced by the 1990's Gothenburg scene
Necrolytic Goat Converter
Isolated Evolution
Cold, depressive black metal with a touch of death metal
Awaken I Am
Blind Love
Pop-infused modern rock with dual guitars and a unique production
US blackened thrash featuring underground shredder Toby Knapp

Note: Reviews are graded from 0-5, anything higher or not showing is from our old style. Scores alone, however, do not reveal the important features. It can be quite daunting to take something that is abstract and emotional and often just a listener's primal feelings and distill that into proper language and words. Reviewing is opinionated, not a qualitative science, so scores are personal to the reviewer and could reflect anything from being technically brilliant to gloriously cheesy fun. At the least, you'll know the music exists which is important with so much out there. Demos and independent releases get some slack since the bands are often spent broke supporting themselves and trying to improve. Major releases usually have big financial backing, so they may be judged by a heavier hand. All scores can be eventually adjusted up or down by comparison of subsequent releases by the same band. We attempt to keep biases out of reviews and be advocates of the consumer without the undo influence of any band, label, management, promoter, etc. Ultimately, the best way to determine how much you may like certain music is to listen to it yourself. 5: Excellent, 4-4.5:Great, 3.5: Good, 2-2.5: Fair, 1-1.5: Bad, 0: Terrible