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C U R R E N T . R E V I E W S

Arch Enemy
Will to Power
Against the grain rebellion finely tuned by seasoned veterans
Doom Side Of The Moon
Doom Side Of The Moon
Remake of the Dark Side Of The Moon album that is full of surprises!
Throne of Heresy
Concept album that is just expertly executed and rich with content
A triumphant release by one of the pioneers of avant garde black metal
Sheds some metal of previous efforts but still is a prog rock masterpiece
Where Hatred Dwells & Darkness Reigns
A truly immersive symphonic metal experience
The Haunted
Strength in Numbers
Unified rebellion with melody and lyrical substance
Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)
Beautifully dark experimental ambient black metal
A soundtrack for the apocalypse
King Fowley
Stay Ugly
The gruesome tale of do it yourself Heavy Metal 101 in the early 80's
Corey Taylor
America 51
Call it Corey Taylor's State of the Union Address
Mr. Big
Defying Gravity
Bands like Mr. Big seem to just get better and better with age
Quiet Riot
Road Rage
Triumphant, rousing return that sees the band youthful and energetic
Zero Days
Quality crossover thrash and groove metal from these veteran New Yorkers
Of Erthe and Axen: Act 1
A masterful piece of storytelling interwoven with epic music
No Grave But The Sea
The captains of pirate metal set sail with their 5th full length album!
Wildflowers: Summer
Another magnificent outpouring of incredible music from Nhor
In This Moment
Daring and provocative while lyrically bridging modern rock and pop
Rex Brown
Smoke on This
Surprisingly good solo album from the former Pantera bassist
Alice Cooper
Paranormal is really a throwback to 60s rock and roll in a lot of ways
Return of the Spectral Rider
The perfect example of superb metal traditionalism
The Rise of Chaos
Another quality effort from these German Teutonic masters
Venom Inc
Everything we loved about the mid-era Venom sound
Best of compilation featuring old and new songs from the German icons
Unleash the Archers
Dark and powerful concept record on humanity and immortality
Under Cover
Compilation of cover tunes ranging from 1992-2015
Josh Todd & The Conflict
Year Of The Tiger
Bangin' hard rock from Buckcherry front man that will rock your socks off
From Oceans To Autumn
Ether-Return To Earth
Atmospheric sludge instrumentalists deliver an amazing double album
Agony Kings
Agony Kings
Crossover that runs through a gambit of influences
Unparalleled Universe
Another technical death metal masterpiece, but flawed by production
Follow Me: Kill!
Transformed from straight-ahead thrash to this monstrous hybrid of extreme metal
Black metal with a taste of the Middle East
Raised on Decay
Showcase of solos amidst a love for seasoned acts like Kreator and Exodus
Cultus In Tenebris
Second wave German black metal that is light on the black metal
Midnight Ghost Train
Cypress Ave
Softer, more laid back rock and roll from Kansas
Cranely Gardens
House of Decay
Conglomerate of extreme styles ranging from metalcore, deathcore and thrash
Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria
A solid debut with a few hiccups along the way
Savage Sinusoid
Pretty much mixes every genre under the sun and makes it sound scary as hell
Grave Danger
Soon to be modern day crossover thrash legends return!
Dark Avenger
The Beloved Bones: Hell
It's cinematic--moody, atmospheric and climactic
The Convalescence
This Is Hell
Sneaks up on you with its intricacies and nuances
Worldwide Warfare
Deathcore that is just middle of the road
Sepulchral Whore
Everlasting Morbid Delights
Nod to old school death metal that attempts to recreate it
Busted, Broke & American
Comeback album for these crossover legends
In Twilight's Embrace
Fourth album of melodic blackened death metal
End of Green
Void Estate
A dark cellar filled with introverted lyrics
Dawn of Disease
Ascension Gate
Sure to please the melodic extremists
Void Ritual
Heretical Wisdom
Riffs that worship Europe's 90s black metal revolution
All Out War
Give Us Extinction
Maniacal, over the top and bombastically arranged for optimum aggression
Old James
Speak Volumes
This is explosive hard rock action out of newcomers Old James

Note: Reviews are graded from 0-5, anything higher or not showing is from our old style. Scores alone, however, do not reveal the important features. It can be quite daunting to take something that is abstract and emotional and often just a listener's primal feelings and distill that into proper language and words. Reviewing is opinionated, not a qualitative science, so scores are personal to the reviewer and could reflect anything from being technically brilliant to gloriously cheesy fun. At the least, you'll know the music exists which is important with so much out there. Demos and independent releases get some slack since the bands are often spent broke supporting themselves and trying to improve. Major releases usually have big financial backing, so they may be judged by a heavier hand. All scores can be eventually adjusted up or down by comparison of subsequent releases by the same band. We attempt to keep biases out of reviews and be advocates of the consumer without the undo influence of any band, label, management, promoter, etc. Ultimately, the best way to determine how much you may like certain music is to listen to it yourself. 5: Excellent, 4-4.5:Great, 3.5: Good, 2-2.5: Fair, 1-1.5: Bad, 0: Terrible