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C U R R E N T . R E V I E W S

Signatura Rerum
The Legend 1
Hard to classify black metal that genuinely surprised me
The Druid King
Collectively influenced by classic heavy metal along with modern European metal
Machine Head
Hard-hitting, heavy-handed slabs of abrasive metal
Corrosion Of Conformity
No Cross No Crown
Heavy, Sabbath doom stroked in the fires of North Carolina's southern rock
Wildflowers: Winter
Perfect final chapter of Nhor's seasonal offerings
A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues
Redefines avant garde black metal and pushes the boundaries
Beyond the Rain
Classic, aggressive, and muscular
Inconcessus Lux Lucis
The Crowning Quietus
Blackened thrash, classic metal and the occult, oh yes!
Mechanisms of Misanthropy
A truly immersive listen of avant garde black metal
Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane
Black metal stew that is tasty, meaty and marinated in atmosphere
Sar Isatum
The frostiness and chill is magnificent
The Offering
The Offering EP
Unique, incredible…the future sound of metal
Audrey Horne
Another quality offering of melodic hard rock from this outfit
Into the Grey
In your face aggression and subtle, melodic passages
Winds of Leng
Horrid Dominion
Seamlessly blends old and new styles together
Solo bm that is incredibly intense and varied from standard bm
Nero Doctrine
II Interitus
A behemoth of metal muscle and meaty hooks
Pandemonium's Ocean
Modern BM that melds into an evil, cold metal stew
Primal Fear
Best of Fear
Best of compilation of the band's four album, ten year history with Frontiers
Wildflowers: Autumn
Nhor provides the soundtrack to the Autumn Equinox
White Ward
Futility Report
Saxophones in black metal, what's happening here?
Memoria Sylvarum
Very accessible release to those who find black metal a little too harsh
Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence
If Hate Eternal, Voivod, and Gorguts had a baby it would be called Gigan
A truly different sort of metal that is equally engaging and creepy
PhSPHR Entropy
Discordant, misanthropic; the soundtrack to impending doom
Sweet & Lynch
Solid second album from veteran hard rock duo
Lady Beast
Vicious Beast
Career high water mark for these traditional metal stawlarts
Average output from these Portuguese extremists
Mystic Prophecy
Monuments Uncovered
Entertaining offering of pop and rock cover tunes
The Fright
Canto V
Hard rock with a nod to goth, punk and horror
Egyptian Blue
Low production progressive black metal with In This Moment style vocals
Second Sight
Cherishes the NWOBHM sound but injecting sparks of European power
Narcotic Wasteland
Delerium Tremens
Technical DM that has a few twists and turns en route to dismembering you
August Burns Red
Phantom Anthem
A stout offering of traditional metalcore
Pure, blazing heavy metal taught by the ministry of Judas Priest
Blackened Death that has its highs and lows but is still a rather enjoyable ride
L.A. Guns
The Missing Peace
The band come full circle with this new album
Savage Messiah
Hands of Fate
Strong vocals, heavy handed riffs, tons of melody, awesome production standards
Jeff Scott Soto
Heavier cuts before moving firmly into AOR and melodic rock
2017 Demo
Three songs of traditional metal for these US veterans
Band of Spice
Shadows Remain
Poetic hard rock with a slight nod to stoner madness
Lords of Light and Thunder
A hotbed of grinding, electric riffage
Pink Cream 69
A little heaviness on the back end for this German hard rock outfit
Ode to Act of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide
Use of the rinse and repeat method really makes the album lackluster
Voiding Upon the Pulverized
Poor vocal quality and repetition dooms this album to a quick end
No Return
The Curse Within
More quality melodic death from these French pioneers
The Petulant
Veteran Danish musicians constructing jagged thrash riffs and frosty violence
Circle of Salt
Suffer the Cold
Post Black Metal that gets a little tedious
Dead As Truth
A tough listen that doesn't offer much to smooth things over
Signs of the Swarm
The Disfigurement of Existence
Heavy, evil and no nonsense

Note: Reviews are graded from 0-5, anything higher or not showing is from our old style. Scores alone, however, do not reveal the important features. It can be quite daunting to take something that is abstract and emotional and often just a listener's primal feelings and distill that into proper language and words. Reviewing is opinionated, not a qualitative science, so scores are personal to the reviewer and could reflect anything from being technically brilliant to gloriously cheesy fun. At the least, you'll know the music exists which is important with so much out there. Demos and independent releases get some slack since the bands are often spent broke supporting themselves and trying to improve. Major releases usually have big financial backing, so they may be judged by a heavier hand. All scores can be eventually adjusted up or down by comparison of subsequent releases by the same band. We attempt to keep biases out of reviews and be advocates of the consumer without the undo influence of any band, label, management, promoter, etc. Ultimately, the best way to determine how much you may like certain music is to listen to it yourself. 5: Excellent, 4-4.5:Great, 3.5: Good, 2-2.5: Fair, 1-1.5: Bad, 0: Terrible