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Win Us Over

Company: Volcom
Release: 2007
Reviewer: Nailer
Rating: 4

The last CD from ASG named Feeling Good is Good Enough grew on me gradually over the last year till it's blend of rock, punk and party became as comfortable as a well-worn outfit. I expected the same from Win Us Over with some development along the lines of FGIGE's Matadors of the Heart, but this new album is a different fit from before, a very welcome one that is almost generational in its changes. ASG has moved away from themes that reflected their longer naming convention--Amplification of Self-Gratification--which I didn't see referenced anywhere and party atmosphere songs that resemble their image as redneck, surf guys to a more solid rock foundation with shades of psychedelica and alt. Jason Shi stays consistent with his half sung, often shouted vocals with improvements showing most in the background harmonizing and the expanded guitars. The use of dissonant leads in Right Death Before remind a lot of Soundgarden's guitar work where the stretch vocals of Taking Me Over and Bombs Away suggest Alice and Chains. Watch out for the ear-wrenching opening distortion of The Dull Blade following the hazy-lazy, Pink Floyd blend of Coffee Depression Sunshine. Dream Song is a bobmbastic chance that paid off. The other half of Win Us Over carries over the straightforward catchiness that was in the best numbers from FGIGE--Gallop Song, Low End Insight and the rowdy Palm Springs leave the stoners and Southern rockers in their own smoke. Win Us Over keeps growing on me, a testament to their subtle talent as a band and my ongoing interest.

About this Writer:
Frank Hill // Frank Hill has been at this site since its slimy, crying birth in '03. He was born on National Metal Day--11/11 and will turn his hearing aids up to 11 when he's 111. He secretly listens to a lot of old Country and Doo-Wop tunes and wants to start a cyberband with lead vocals by Robot Plant. He is still trying to figure out what Judas Priest meant by "paratamize you". If you read this, then he salutes you.

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