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Danko Jones
Fire Music

Company: Bad Taste
Release: 2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Reviewer: Bubba J

  • Good record that has a few warts

  • "Fire Music" is a decent album by a good band. That being said, there are moments of brilliance juxtaposed with moments of "what?". I can jam this record all day but unfortunately there are a few snoozers that I'd compulsively skip.

    Case in point - the album opener "Wild Woman" is flat in comparison to much more solid material that luckily follows soon after. The lyric seems unfinished with one repeated phrase and point. Musically, it's a solid driver, but it's not enough to fight the calling "next" button...

    Now, onto the brilliance..."The Twisting Knife", "Gonna Be a Fight Tonight" and "Body Bags" deliver a triumphant drive and power that embodies how great this entire set could be. These are blistering rockers that have fist pumping, sing-a-long moments and fiercely tortured lyrics ("I'm gonna bury them alive, so I can hear them scream" -Body Bags). These three songs evoke influences like Thin Lizzy, Metallica and Misfits with dramatic pauses and break-neck paces. "Live Forever" is a well rounded track; cool guitar melody bits and crunching, stomp-box bass build a tasty texture for this radio-ready cousin of the Cult's best singles.

    "Do You Wanna Rock" and "Getting Into Drugs" are by far the lowest point on this set. The latter being a lame duck all around and the former an unfortunate single choice that reeks of trying too hard with it's inexplicably rushed vocal bits and uninspired lyric.

    "Watch You Slide" has a killer guitar pull-off/string skipping riff that runs a thousand miles per hour. The drums lock into a killer groove that differs from the rest of this package, giving it a refreshing shift of gear from the previous two tracks. Again, those inexplicable rushed vocals peek in, a crack in the armor of this otherwise smart and capable track.

    "I Will Break Your Heart", "Piranha" and "She Ain't Comin' Home" round out the set with style as they progressively drive home what's best about this record. A shuffle groove, then a light speed burner, followed by a great closing track that would have made a great single. The closer capitalizes on the sing-a-long feel of some of the greatest moments as well as features a fine emotive vocal by Jones and some of the more anthemic dynamics this set has to offer.

    Overall a good record that has a few warts, I will be revisiting this record more in the coming weeks for the good stuff, but I'll keep a sharp eye out for the skip button.

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    Fire MusicDanko Jones
    Bubba J12/17/2015

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