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Katagory V - A New Breed Of Rebellion 2004 Metal Ages Records
reviewed by: EC

Track Listing
1. Sands Of Time
2. Turn To Grey
3. No Response
4. A New Breed Of Rebellion
5. A Peaceful Act Of Terrorism
6. Your Dreams
7. Chrono-Logic
8. In Dark Night
9. One Last Time
Let me start by just stating that I am definitely not the definitive source for progressive music ramblings. I have never cared for progressive metal beyond the gates of Queensryche. I have never found the patience for "calculator metal". Nevertheless, it is my duty and honor here at Maximum Metal to try and review every single disc that arrives in our worn out mailbox. So with that being said we move on to Katagory V, a progressive metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

This prog rocking five-piece have released their newest creation, "A New Breed Of Rebellion", courtesy of Metal Ages Records (Division, Theocracy, Byfist). Katagory V have been around since 1999, and released their rookie endeavor, "Present Day", through Lance King's Nightmare Records label in 2001. The band got some exposure courtesy of compilations and numerous online reviews and interviews, and now has prepared their sophomore release for Metal Ages.

Upon first glance it looks like Metal Ages have spent their money wisely. The album cover and packaging for this release is very glamorous, with a nice tray inlay and a colorful booklet with detailed band photos. The album cover is very nice as well, picturing a female assassin type character holding hands with a small child as they stare off into the coming storm, which oddly enough looks like New York City collapsing. I guess that is where we get the title "A New Breed Of Rebellion", perhaps a new term for today's terrorism crisis? Clever, and intriguing.

The album was produced by the band's co-founder and guitarist Curtis Morrell. Obviously an underground act like this has a limited production budget, but the band has made do with what they have to work with. Everything sounds polished and avoids that hollow sound that most indy bands have. Vocalist Lynn Allers puts away most of my theories that progressive singers always sound soft and light hearted with his performance. With his thunderous charge on album opener "Sands Of Time", Allers' vocal register is reminiscent of Helstar/Seven Witches front man James Rivera at times.

With the opening track it seems like Katagory V might fit the power metal mold more so than the traditional progressive metal form. With both guitarists hitting the fast gallops of an Iced Earth or Seven Witches, complete with a scorching lead mid-way through, one gets the idea that Katagory V might be well on it's way to becoming a top tier US act. Other strong cuts here are "Turn To Grey", the Sabbathy "Your Dreams", and "Chrono-Logic".

Fans of Fates Warning will listen up to the title track, along with the abstract "A Peaceful Act Of Terrorism". With those types of songs, a listener like myself just gets lost, needing more metal drive and focus, but for fans of Pain Of Salvation, Kamelot, and even Spiral Architect, this will suit your needs just fine. Overall this is a high class affair and one that should land the band on a bigger label with a bigger wallet. This is definitely for fans of progressive power metal, and for those of you tiring of the German anthems, this could be a nice antidote.

Note - Look for new album "The Rising Anger" from the group in 2005.

--EC 10.22.04
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A New Breed Of RebellionKatagory V
Eric Compton10/22/2004


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