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Madame Torment
Lost Girl in the City

Company: Indy
Release: 2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Reviewer: Frank Hill

  • Bad girls, lost girls, sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll

  • Madame Torment is an Oregon-based hard rock band with a Sunset Strip attitude and a whole lotta shaking goin' on. Lost Girl In The City is their latest 4-song EP. They label themselves under the genre "bitch rock", but it's a misnomer since there's more to their emotional sound and lyrics than that image qualifier.

    "Bad Girl Rhythm N Blues" is a sexy opener with a slinky bassline and sultry vocals that could be painted on black velvet. "Lost Girl in the City" recalls a Guns 'n Roses facination with city loneliness. "Fix It With A Shot" picks up the rhythmic pace treading into Skid Row's faster territory. "Everybody Hates You" is their Rocket Queen with the added depth of natural piano and the lyrical mood of an angsty bender.

    Lost Girl's production has a warm, middle bass and a thick crunch to the guitars. I can't say I'm a fan of the album art filtering and fashion inconsistency, but lack of uniformity is more of a branding issue than a musical one. Bottom line: they can play.

    Throwing down some AC/DC and 80-styled rock is a precarious path since most band efforts come up way short of the masters. Bad girls, lost girls, sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. This is a solid EP and a band with plenty of potential. Elsa Faith, Erin Elizadeth, Ashley Luna, Camille Denny--if they can surround themselves with people who can guide them up the rock ladder, they'll own the whole penthouse.

    About this Writer:
    Frank Hill // Frank Hill has been at this site since its slimy, crying birth in '03. He was born on National Metal Day--11/11 and will turn his hearing aids up to 11 when he's 111. He secretly listens to a lot of old Country and Doo-Wop tunes and wants to start a cyberband with lead vocals by Robot Plant. He is still trying to figure out what Judas Priest meant by "paratamize you". If you read this, then he salutes you.

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    Lost Girl in the CityMadame Torment
    Frank Hill11/25/2015

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