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F U L L . R E V I E W S

Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil

Company: Mascot Records
Release: 2007
Genre: Hard rock, metal rockabilly
Reviewer: Frank Hill

  • Combines older 50's R&R and metal very successfully

  • I don't need to show my age by stating that I love older 50's Rock and Roll and the early years of Elvis Presley. It's usually quite innocent and thematically different than the METAL I've listened to since the late 70s, but Denmark's favorite throwback sons, Volbeat, have combined them both very successfully. Other than a few of the lead guitar melody lines, vocalist Michael Poulsen, who can put out a really unique swing rhythm to his phrases, is the true connector to the past with his Elvis/Misfits delivery sneered over top of a prominent, rock guitar sound. 2005's The Strength/The Sound/The Songs stayed on that format rather faithfully, but with 2007's Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil, Volbeat has pushed their geography a little farther South with some swamp-slide touches--"The Human Instrument" and the hard-driving, immensely catchy "Sad Man's Tongue". Those who preferred the rockabilly and the faster numbers from the prior cd like "Danny & Lucy (11 PM)" will find even more to like with "Radio Girl", "Devil Or The Blue Cat's Song", "A Moment Forever", and the nicely-arranged, pinnacle number "The Garden's Tale". “Soulweeper 2” brings back some of that old hair grease. The hardest part of melding together disparate music styles may be less in the musicality and more the acceptance of audiences. Volbeat is certainly one of the more odd bands on the metal scene, but that's what the conformists say about all the rebels, don't they. They've just named their forthcoming cd Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood and I really like the sound of that.

    About this Writer:
    Frank Hill // Frank Hill has been at this site since its slimy, crying birth in '03. He was born on National Metal Day--11/11 and will turn his hearing aids up to 11 when he's 111. He secretly listens to a lot of old Country and Doo-Wop tunes and wants to start a cyberband with lead vocals by Robot Plant. He is still trying to figure out what Judas Priest meant by "paratamize you". If you read this, then he salutes you.

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