New Interview with Gregg Fox of the Renaissance Rock Orchestra
9/15/2014 2:31:24 PM by Eric

Standing tall as a figure who has seen the world, but no longer carries the weight of it upon his shoulders, Gregg Fox is at home here among the rockers, just as he is among the many other swingers and the stingers. "Gun for hire," Fox has made a name for himself through other names from other names -- sharing the stage, but never the spotlight – with the likes of Heart, Asia, Bad Company, Billy Idol, Slash, Queensryche, Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper, Toto, Yes, Pantera, AC/DC, Michael Schenker Group, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, just to name a few. And though his many, many mercenary meanderings have allowed him to make a 30-year life-long career for himself after achieving a prestigious music degree, he realized it is time to for the wizard to come out from behind the curtain. T. Ray Verteramo was able to speak with Gregg about his own project--The Renaissance Rock Orchestra… [Full Interview Link]

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