New "Made in England" Column--Desolation Angels
3/3/2015 3:49:42 PM by Frank Hill

If anyone knows the struggle of trying to search for one of the greatest anomalies in the Essex area and finding nothing but Bad Company references and releases, you know I must be talking about Desolation Angels.

Deviating from the template of most bands of the movement, Desolation Angels were an album type band as their full potential couldn’t be revealed with just a single 7” release. The timeline between Desolation Angels inception to the release of the full length self-titled debut managed to stir up quite the noise and stage show, at one point even creating a promotional video.

While some press referred to the album as “tedious”, it really is a consistent slab of Heavy Metal from beginning to end, one of the most underrated records of the time period and one of my personal favorites. More from Josh Greer on Desolation Angels here…[Full Column Link]

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