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Interview with Divine In Nature and Filth Tree by Raven

It’s always been tradition that, to see a truly good show, those on the east coast of Florida would have to travel to Orlando or other points in Central Florida. Meet two bands that are out to change that.

Divine In Nature and Filth Tree have a long and storied history on Florida’s east coast, and now both are looking to put that reputation to good use state-wide. Recently, we had a chance to sit with both bands to discuss their past and future.

What are the names of each band and its members?

Filth Tree:
Aaron: Vocals
John: Drums
Adam: Rhythm Guitar
Ryan: Lead Guitar
B.J.: Bass Guitar
Chris: Manager

Divine In Nature:
Drew: Vocals
Wayne: Drums
Todd: Keyboard
Scott: Guitar
Bill: Bass

Raven: How long have the current band lineups been together?

Adam [Filth Tree]: We’ve been together for about a year. In ’98 we formed as Headrush but now I’m the only original member left. Chris then became our manager and has been for 2 years. He and I worked together at a previous job and became friends through that. I approached Chris about managing us and he was up for it.

Drew [Divine In Nature]: We were formerly called Bitchslap, but we had to change our name to Divine In Nature 6 months ago because apparently there were legal issues with some places booking a band with the name “Bitch”. [Laughs].

Raven: What would say your music sounds like?

Adam [Filth Tree]: Our music is a mix of fast and heavy guitar riff’s, thick bass lines and hard hitting drums. Combined with violent screams and deep growls that contain sick and twisted lyrics, we have no problem keeping a mosh pit busy.

Drew [Divine In Nature]: Our style is very loud; much like taking a sledgehammer to the wall. The music itself has a thrash and speed metal feel to it.

"Well, my immediate goal is to get fucked up and go crazy!"
Raven: What are the band members’ influences?

Adam [Filth Tree]: We incorporate everything from thrash to death metal. Our styles and influences run from Pantera through Slayer

Drew [Divine In Nature]: We’re influenced by a lot of hardcore thrash; bands like Slayer and Slipknot.

Todd [Filth Tree]: We like to incorporate stuff from bands like Mudvayne and Coal Chamber also.

Raven: Are there any current releases or demos available? Where are they available and how can people get a hold of them?

Chris [Filth Tree]: We should have ours available at our upcoming shows soon. Come check us out and pick one up.

Drew [Divine In Nature]: We have a 5-song demo that we just recorded that’s available now so keep your eyes out for it at the shows. You can also hear samples of it at our web site.

Raven: What are the immediate and future goals for the bands?

Chris [Filth Tree]: We would like to professionally record a CD and book some more local shows, especially at Hard Rock Live.

Adam [Filth Tree]: As for the future, I’d like to run for president and wash my clothes! [Laughs] Really though, I’d like to see us get signed and have fun doing what we love

Drew [Divine In Nature]: Well, my immediate goal is to get fucked up and go crazy! [Laughs] I would like us to do some more touring, hopefully along more of the East Coast and see our music go somewhere.

Raven: Are there any plans for future tours?

Chris [Filth Tree]: We want to do one in conjunction with Divine In Nature. I could see us on the “Divine In Filth Tour”. [Laughs]

Drew [Divine In Nature]: Yeah, I’d like to go on the road with these guys on the “Florida Stomp Tour” through the state.


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Divine In Nature/Filth TreeDivine In NatureRaven8/19/2004

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