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King's X will always hold a remarkable place in the history of Rock/Metal. Their 15th release, simply entitled, "XV" is a culmination of this band's steadfast promise to continually produce music that is simultaneously provocative and innovative. Whether it is their longevity, signature sound, or powerful live performances; King's X remains a pantheon for others.

I had the opportunity to speak with master bass thumper and the voice of King's X, dUg Pinnick about the past, present and future of King's X. Sit back, find a "royal" groove and enjoy...

"Between the downloading and inflation, I live from month to month financially with no guarantee for the future but hope"
Kim: After working with producer Brendan O'Brian on "Dogman", and self producing the next few records, what brought you to producer Michael Wagoner for "Ogre Tones" and this record?

D: We decided that it would be a good thing to get a producer again; we did it ourselves for a few CD's and we were looking for a change and an outside opinion.

K: After accomplishing such feats as playing Woodstock '94 and being listed as #85 on VH1's Best Rock bands of all time, how does a band like King's X keep going and keep it "new" in today's climate?
D: I don't know, I just write tunes and somehow they sound fresh to some people. I haven't changed the way I write in over 30 years.

K: You have quite a signature bass sound what's the secret?
D: It's not a secret. My fave bass players John Entwistle and Chris Squire all had the tone; I just copied theirs and came up with my own hybrid.

K: You play a twelve string bass so some bass players might infer that Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick played a role in your playing style--Fact or Fiction?
D: Tom Peterson is the originator of the 12 string. He let me play his when we were on tour with them in 1988 and I immediately wanted one. The rest is history...

K: Kings X has always had a devoted fan base, and a signature sound, how do the dynamics work differently with a three piece?
D: There's less musicians to fight with for space and control. .LOL!!! Other than that, we're just a normal band. Take the good and the bad.

K: The new tunes seem to have more of a late 70's rock vibe, infused with that signature King's X sound- was that something that you and the other members set out to achieve?
D: I was going for a sound like the band Free--remember "All Right Now"? That was the inspiration. Other than that, I always write 70's type music, it's where I come from.

K. Who have been your main musical influences and why?
D: Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Paul Rogers, Mavis Staples, for vocals. Because of their soul and delivery. Musically its everything, soul, metal, rock, blues, bluegrass, show tunes, they all have influenced me, as for bands, its Sly and the Family Stone, Band Of Gypsies, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, the list is long. My influences and inspiration comes from all of it. I am a "music-aholic". Whatever I find that moves me or inspires me I steal and incorporate it into my song writing.

K: What makes you passionate about XV?
D: I am passionate about every music project I am involved in. XV is just another edition for me that I am proud of.

K: What have been the low points and highlights of your career? Any "I'll never forget this" moments?
D: High points--Woodstock and VH1 #85. Lowest point--This failing music industry has brought me to the lowest point because between the downloading and inflation, I live from month to month financially with no guarantee for the future but hope.

K: Tell us about your side projects?
D: 1. Supershine, with Bruce Franklin from Trouble
2. Project with members of Pearl Jam
3. Razr13, I am doing the vocals for a local band of friends.
4. My solo (strum sum up)

K: When not making records or touring, what in the world happens in Katy, Texas?
D: I am writing in my home studio all the time, smoking weed, hanging out, I have no life, but it's a good no life. LOL!!

Thanks dUg for your time and for entertaining our questions. Be sure to check out XV in
stores now and King's X at and on myspace at


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