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Desolator Set to ACCELERATE!

Desolator are set to release their new EP "Accelerator" later this month. The EP follows up on the success of the group's debut, "Total Attack", last year.

Guitarist/vocalist Jamie Brooks had time to chat with me about the band's upcoming tour of the UK in support of the album.

"We've been playing shows relentlessly since our first gig just over three years ago, and thought it was time to hit the UK properly with this tour to promote our 'Accelerator' EP."

The band will trek across the UK with support from Hampshire thrashers Terror Drone next month. After the tour Jamie explains the band's plans:

"At the moment we're writing towards the second album, which will be out next year. We definitely want to get back over to Europe again, we did a little tour over there for the 'Total Attack' release which was really cool! We're certainly not going to be slowing down. Desolator are not going away anytime soon!"

Desolator released the debut, "Total Attack", in April of 2013 independently. The three-piece, which also consists of Sam Talbot (drums) and Felix Dock (bass), combined to create a tenacious offering of raw thrash that is careful not to encroach on the thrash bands that have pioneered the sound.

"We're really happy with the response to 'Total Attack'! I think we managed to capture our live energy onto the album and people can hear that. We wrote an album that we would listen to and it's such a great feeling that others enjoy it too. Just wait till you hear the new stuff! All three of us are growing as musicians and always trying to write a better song than the last."

--Eric Compton

"Accelerator" EP Track-Listing:
1. Accelerator
2. Position of Power



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