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"Fernando`s vocals...give our music a push of freshness that we all like very much."

Interview with Michael "Mick" Klein, guitar player for Wicked Sensation

Michael is the guitarist, main song-writer and founder of Wicked Sensation. Before WS he played in various bands and projects including an unplugged outfit called "Three Amigos" together with David Readman of Pink Cream 69. Michael is currently working on a new unplugged project together with Sang and Domain vocalist Carsten Schulz.

I just read that a new album will be coming out now called "Exceptional."

Thats right, it will be released at the 21st of April in Japan and the 26th of April for the rest of the World.

What is the new material like?

Well, I do not know if you know our debut CD "Reflected", but I would say that we kept this style of music, songwriting, etc. from the debut. "Exceptional" sounds very fresh and offers a wide range of songs for everybody who loves melodic rock/metal.

Is this the same lineup as the last record?

No! From now on Fernando Garcia (ex-Victory) is the new Wicked Sensation singer. Rest of the band is still the same line-up.

What label is the new album coming out on?

For Europe it is MTM and for Japan it is Nippon Crown. In U.S it will be distributed by NEH Records.

Who produced the record and where was it recorded?

Basically, the new album was produced by myself, as parts like guitars, bass, keyboards, etc. was recorded in my own studio. We recorded the drums in a studio in our town called Tidal Wave and Dennis Ward, bass player from Pink Cream 69, mixed it there as well.

Is there a photo available of the new album cover?

The cover artwork will be presented on our website soon. You can check our website under:

Are there any tour plans right now?

Nothing is confirmed right now, but there are many plans for this album, just as a tour of course, but we work on it right now.

What will Fernando Garcia add to this band's sound?

Everybody who knows Fernando`s vocals from Victory should know that he has a very unique voice and it fits perfect to the music of Wicked Sensation. The way he sounds and sings gives our music a push of freshness that we all like very much. I`m sure you won`t be disapointed.

What happened with the departure of the former vocalist?

We`re still in contact with him. It was only a musical taste thing. Robert is more the blues type of a singer, but Wicked Sensation is a melodic rock/metal band. It was better for both sides, altough we had lot`s of fun and a great time together.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing this new release.

You`re always welcome Eric, hope I could help you and let me know when you add something on your site...take care mate.

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