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Documents Of Doom
Metal Blade
7/20/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
Candlemass - Documents Of Doom DVD - 2003 - Escapi Music

Track Listing
Disc 1:
Live At Fryshuset 1990
1. The Well Of Souls
2. Dark Are The Veils of Death
3. Bewitched
4. Solitude
5. Dark Reflections
6. Under The Oak
7. Demon's Gate
8. Bells Of Achron
9. Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death
10. Samarithan
11. Mirror Mirror
12. At The Gallows End
13. A Sorcerer's Pledge
Disc 2:
Documentary Of Doom
1. Sweden Rock Fest 2002
2. Greece 2002
3. Bang Your Head 2002
4. Wacken 2002
5. Oslo 2002
6. London 2002
7. London 1988
8. First Gig 1987
9. Dynamo Open Air 1988
10. Top Gear 1989
11. London 1989
12. US-Tours 1989/1991
13. Poland 1991
14. Sweden 1991
Thirteen years after Metal Blade released "Candlemass: Live" on CD, the good folks at Escapi music have released that entire concert on DVD format, giving fans like me the opportunity to finally put a visual to that classic live outing years ago. This opportunity comes in the form of "Candlemass: Documents Of Doom", a fantastic video package that assemble two full length DVDs. This is actually the first time I've seen video of the band, after years and years of playing classic records like "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" and "Ancient Dreams". The DVD is well worth the wait and includes just about everything one needs to know about this legendary doom act.

The first disc here is the aforementioned "Candlemass: Live" concert, which is listed here as "Live At Fryshuset 1990". This showcases the full-concert that was released earlier on album, however this includes one extra track in "Bells Of Achron". The material here focuses on the '86-'89 era of the band, and what I would consider the absolute peak of the band's career. In many ways Candlemass was like the '90s version of Sabbath, completely draped in black and covered with the thickest, most agonizing blanket of doom. Huge, brooding riffs erupt through classics like "Solitude" and "Mirror Mirror", all building to a clean vocal performance from Messiah Marcolin (who later rejoined the band for a '05 release before splitting ways again). The video quality is absolutely amazing and it prompts me to ask Metal Blade why this video footage was locked away for so long? The only thing I can find that would justify that decision is possibly Slagel just didn't think a '90 audience would want to see a rather large, robed Marcolin on stage with a an afro. Hmmm? The extras included with this disc is an on screen biography, an image gallery, and a discography of the band's works thus far.

The second disc is a sorted documentary, using various gigs and concert footage through the years to track the band's career. Some extremely rare footage exists here, including the band's first gig in 1987. The footage follows from '87 through the Sweden Rock Fest in 2002. I had no idea that the band even performed stateside, but low and behold there is footage here showing US tours in '89 and '91. Along with all of the rare gig footage is tons and tons of behind the stage shots and pre-concert rituals. As a really unique bonus, the band has recorded their own commentary track that runs through the whole disc. You can turn this off and experience the live concert tracks, or turn the audio commentary on and enjoy the band's comments about that particular show. Fairly interesting take on a metal DVD.

Bottom Line - An absolute must have for even the casual Candlemass fan!

--EC 7.01.06

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